My Experience With Magda Aguila


The AKC's Management Disciplinary Committee has suspended Magda Aguila (Greenville, SC) from all AKC privileges for a period of five (5) years, effective October 7, 2002, and imposed a $1000 fine for having submitted, or caused to be submitted, a litter registration application, which she knew, contained false certifications as to the dam of the litter. (Great Dane)

August 2001

Below are the events that lead up to the suspension of Magda Aguila.

Magda Aguila"bought" "Bee", a fawn Great Dane bitch, Von Shrado's T.R.O.U.B.L.E Aguilin WP780274/07, whelped 5/20/1997 from me on July 13, 1997. Our original contract dated 7/13/97. I say bought but she actually never finished paying for her. She wanted a show dog, had harles, nothing showable. She said she couldn't pay for a show dog and wanted to know if I would take less and a puppy back and I agreed to help her. She paid me $100 and was to send me $100 a month for 7 months but shortly after she got Bee, she had an accident and her leg was broken (Magda told me she did not know how it happened) so Magda says since she won't be able to show her and still wanted to get a show dog, would I take a second puppy instead of her finishing paying for her and again I went along with her. When Bee was 20 months old and still not paid for, we drew up another contract, dated and signed 1/16/99 in which I would take 2 puppies or 3 puppies if she used my stud dog. Magda was at my place of business on this date picking up her dogs which I was boarding for her and took a bag of dog food which she did not pay for and only paid part of her boarding bill. When Bee was almost 2, in April 1999, Magda called and told me that her unregistered Harlequin male, Harley, had "accidentally" bred Bee. I told her to get an abortion shot and she refused, so Bee had a litter of 7 puppies, whelped June 3, 1999. There was 1 Fawn Female, 1 FawnMantle Male, 1 Fawnaquin Female, 2 Black Males and 2 Harle Females. Magda assured me they were all placed in good pet homes.

Bee was bred (10/14/99 - litter of 10 whelped 12/15/99) to one of my dogs, Von Shrado's Piece of the Rock, (Major pointed) and since Magda did not have the money for a stud fee, I agreed to take a third puppy, which I did, and then I signed Bee over to Magda.

One year later, Magda wanted to breed her again and she was bred (9/20/00) to my Ch Von Shrado's Good Humor Man. She had a litter of 8 puppies 11/23/00.

From the 11/23/00 litter, I was supposed to take a pick puppy because again Magda did not have the money for a stud fee. On Jan 2, 2001, I emailed a proposal to Magda (I kept our Emails) and offered to let her keep the pick as she still had nothing to show and I knew I would not be keeping the pick myself as I was still recovering from a ruptured brain aneurysm. We settled on $1000 and I have an email 1/2/01 stating, and I quote Magda:

"I'll get some money off to you in two weeks when I get paid (assuming that I have not sold any of the pups) and will send you the rest as soon as one of the pups is sold".

She sold the puppies and never paid me. She did keep the pick, Aquiline's Red Hot Chili Peper. I kept asking her about the money she owed and got one excuse after the other. Then, she emailed and wanted to send Pepe to us, have Jim train him and show him at the National. Jim flatly refused, wondering how she could afford to go to the National if she hadn't paid us. She also owed us for some boarding charges and dog food, from 1/16/99 so I sent her an invoice to remind her that she owed us money. She ignored me. On August 11, 2001, I went on the internet on several lists and asked if emails were enforceable in a court of law and I was told they were.

When people saw my post, though I had not mentioned her name, I began getting emails from several people telling me that Bee's litter from the accidental breeding to Harley had been illegally registered. I immediately confronted Magda and told her I wanted the names, addresses and phone numbers of the owners of all 7 of the puppies to assure myself that they had not been registered illegally and she refused to give me the information.

I feel sorry for the people who have the puppies from this litter, thinking they are from one set of parents when they are from a different set of parents. I believe in the integrity of the stud book and the pedigree and I intend to do my best to protect my line of Great Danes.

Bee, Maggie & Floyd are registered Great Danes.... Harley is not registered. Magda is the owner of Bee, Harley and Maggie. Floyd may be owned by Magda, and/or Patrick Beaulieu.(Her ex as she refers to him who resides in Florida).Bee and Harley lived with Magda.(S.C.) Floyd lives with Patrick (Fl.) and Maggie lives with Sue. (Pa.)

Bee/Harley ....... ..litter whelped 6/3/99 - 2 Black Males - 2 Harle Females
Maggie/Floyd ......litter whelped 6/3/99 - 2 Black Males - 2 Harle Females.

What are the odds of two harlequin litters being whelped the same day, owned by the same person with the exact same colors and sexes? Bee living with Magda in S.C. and Maggie living with Sue in Pa. and Sue says Maggie did not have a litter 6/3/99.

My allegations are that the litter whelped to Bee/Harley 6/3/99 were illegally registered to Maggie/Floyd 6/3/99. I think the evidence is quite clear that this is what happened.

On April 5, 2002 I learned that Magda has made an allegation that I was the one that told her to register the litter whelped 6/3/99 to the wrong parents. This is another one of Magda's lies.

June 21, 2002: I called the office of Patricia Fiore, and was told that the registration papers of all puppies in the litter whelped 6/3/99 have been revoked. Thank God. It took 10 months.

Breeder: Magda Aguila.

These are the Great Danes:

Aquiline's Pride of Elysian .......WP931929/01.....Black Male
Owner Donna Kranzberg aka "Simba".
NOTE: 9/02 I learned this dog has been neutered

Aquiline's Iron Maiden ............WP931929/02....Harle Female
Owned by Magda Aguila - aka "Maddy"
NOTE: 9/02 I learned Magda either sold or gave her away recently.

Aquiline's Pantera ....................WP931929/03.....Black Male
Owned by Magda's son.

Addy ...........................................WP931929/04.....Harle Bitch
Owner: Sue Fox. Has registration application but not registered due to seizures.


On September 30, 2002 Magda posted emails on some lists she owns or co-owns about her suspension and why she illegally registered puppies.

October 15, 2002. I called the AKC and told them that Magda had made allegations that I was under investigation. She asked me if 2 men had come to my place, knocked on my door, showed identification and said I was under investigation. I said "no". She then said, "Then you are not under investigation." She then told me that if anyone doubted it, please call the AKC and they would be happy to let anyone know.

10/16/02 THE OFFICIAL SUSPENSION (on the AKC website)

The AKC's Management Disciplinary Committee has suspended Magda Aguila (Greenville, SC) from all AKC privileges for a period of five (5) years, effective October 7, 2002, and imposed a $1000 fine for having submitted, or caused to be submitted, a litter registration application, which she knew, contained false certifications as to the dam of the litter. (Great Dane)

*** I think Magda deserves an oscar for her performance.

11/05/02: I learned today, the whereabouts of Bee. Though Magda had made inuendos more than once that Jim and I had stolen Bee, she is alive and well and living with Heather Maitland in Greenville S.C.. According to Heather, she and her sister, Christine were at Magda's in late Dec. 2001 or early Jan. 2002. when Magda said she had to get rid of some of the dogs or she was going to put them to sleep so Heather offered to take Bee. Heather and Christine took Bee home together and Heather said they would be willing to testify to the facts if needed. I had feared that Bee had been destroyed and I am so relieved to know that she is in a wonderful, loving home and I thank both Heather and Christine for putting my mind at ease. Bee has a wonderful home with Heather and she adores Bee. Thank you to everyone who helped me discover what had happened to Bee. I was afraid I would never know.

On February 10th, 2003 I finally learned the whereabouts of the fawn bitch from the Bee/Harley litter. Her owner contacted me after having read my story on this website. Her name is Samantha Long and she lives in Spartanburg, S.C. Below is the email I received from Samantha. I am so grateful to her for taking the time to put my mind at ease.


I received this interesting email 9/10/03 from Becky Angle who purchased a puppy from Magda from Bee's second litter sired by Von Shrado's Piece Of The Rock whelped 12/15/99.

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