Pictures of Shrado Kennels

Sign At Entrance Entry Drive Exit Drive
Inside Kennel Individual area for each dog with bed. There is a see through flap on each door.
Central Heat and Air. Guilotine door leads to outside run area. 2 1/2 ft. cinderblock divides part of run.
Outside front of kennel Outside front of kennel Outside front from above.
Rear view of Kennel All runs are now covered Rear view of kennel from above.

We offer Extra Large runs for clients who have 2 Large dogs to be kenneled together.

Run size on the outside is 25 Feet x 6 Feet

Run size on the inside is 6 Feet x 6 Feet

Plenty of room for a Great Dane

                                  Center Aisle of Kennel


This is the cat room and cat cages - 6 Total
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