Some of the following information was taken from Vicky Jones article in the AKC Gazette from her attendance at her kennel club lecture by Dr Michelle Tilghman of Stone Mt. Ga.:

This is not intended as medical advise.

Aconite - shock, fright, acute anxiety.

Arnica [leopard bane] is used for bruises or traumatic injuries like sprains; it is not to be used on open wounds or abrased skin. This would be the medicine to reach for after a dog fight, when animals exhibit soreness or sensitivity to touch. Arnica can be used for tooth extractions and cleaning, and it is excellent for use with brood bitches before and after labor to reduce the swelling to tissues. We as groomers occassionally are bitten and one dose of Arnica stops the pain.

Arsenicum - Vomiting, diarrhea, food poisoning.

Apis [honey bee] is used for swelling, most commonly bee stings and insect bites. Swollen eyes [due to sties], ears, face, lips or any condition that improves with cold and worsens with heat may be helped by Apis. We personally have given our dogs Apis when we arrive at a dog show and find them covered with bumps or hives. We feel it is much healthier than using antihistimes. Our daughter has also benefited from Apis as well as myself. I used to get hives constantly, especially on the bottoms of my feet if I went barefoot. After taking Apis over 4 years ago, I have never had hives again.

Belladonna [deadly nightshade] is a remedy that is used for extreme fever, seizures, convulsions and heat stroke. Any condition associated with hot skin, a flushed face, a rapid throbbing pulse and an excited mental state may benefit from belladonna. It has even been used successfully in cases of eclampsia and distemper.

Cantharis - cystitis, burns, stings.

Carbo veg - Bloat, flatus.

Caulophylum - Labor

China - Diarrhea

Hepar Sulph. moves infections out of the body. It may be used to treat abscesses or festering wounds, cat bites, infected puncture wounds and conjunctivitis, inflamed anal glands to name a few. Vicky feels it is one of the most valuable remedies in her kit.

Hypericum [St Johns's wort] mainly deals with the peripheral nervous system. Disc injuries or injuries to the tail or spine, nerve injuries [nails pulled out at the cuticle], etc. may be helped with hypericum. It can also be used in conjunction with ledum as a tincture to clean wounds and help prevent tetanus.

Ledum is the best remedy for puncture wounds and can be given along with arnica or hepar sulphuricum. It is good preventive treatment to avoid tetanus and infection, and it may be additionally used as an antidote to spider bites that start as small discolored areas then increase in size.

Lyssin - to be given at time of Rabies.

Nux muchata - bloat.

Nux vomica is the dog show exhibitor's favorite remedy - both for himself and his animal! Picture the active, nervous person [or dog] who is argumentative and impatient. His stomach is upset [too many fast-food burgers]; he suffers from diarrhea, and Rolaids just aren't doing the trick! In addition, the exhibitor has run out of his regular brand of dog food, so he gathers up an armload of free samples - all of which are new and different to his dog's digestive system. Time for some nux vomica! It may likewise be used on dogs that chew chronically, but it is most widely used to treat stomach upsets.

Phosphorus - afraid of thunder, bleeding{Dane tails}

Pulsatilla is a remedy often used by homeopathic practitioners for acute illness, primarily to soothe the patient's emotional nature. Those needing it tend to have gentle and mild temperaments, along with a desire for attention. A bloated stomach and gastrointestinal problems caused by rich or fatty foods may be helped with pulsatilla. It can also be very useful with false pregnancy symptoms & teething.

Rhus Toxicodendron is a great remedy for the older dog or human. Like humans, older dogs become arthritic and experience pain and stiffness in the joints and back after resting or sleeping, or after spending time in damp, cold weather. Exercise initially feels good, but eventually causes pain upon overexertion. Rhus tox may be used daily when symptoms occur, and it can be combined with arnica. Rhus tox may also be used to alleviate the discomfort caused by flea allergies.

Silica - splinters.

Sulphur - skin complaints.

Thuja - to be given before & after vaccinations.

Calendula [marigold] ointment is an incredible product and considered one of the best healing agents available. It can be used in place of antibiotic ointments, and Vicky says she can personally attest to the fact that it works much more rapidly than anything she's ever used. Calendula inhibits bacteria growth and promotes rapid healing, and it may be used on any open wound, including cuts, stings and burns. The results are amazing.

Echinacae is an antibiotic and antiviral agent. It can be used to treat infections, and it may help bolster the immune system. Echinacae can also be dissolved in water and used to clean wounds. Try it the next time you feel like a cold or flu is on the way, or if your child gets the chicken pox.

One reminder is given by homeopathic practitioners: "Never rely on just a remedy in a life-and-death situation. Use the remedy and seek medical attention from a doctor or veterinarian.

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