Homeopathy and Alternative Medicine

I was first introduced to Homeopathy by Laura Kiaulenas of BMW Harlequins. It was in February of 1992 at Westminster KC. I was there as a spectator and Laura and I began a discussion about the health problems in Great Danes and dogs in general.

For years I had heard negative talk about vaccines but felt my dogs weren't affected. I always vaccinated my dogs as recommened by the vets and gave yearly boosters on their birthdays. If I was showing them, they got boosters every 6 months. As Laura began explaining the principle of Homeopathy to me and the effects that vaccines can have on dogs, I wondered if I had been wrong about the health of my dogs. I wondered if the vaccines could actually be the cause behind some of the problems and began looking at things in a different light.

I bought books and began reading everything I could find and have been learning that yearly vaccines are not only unnesssary but can be harmful. We feel vaccines have been abused and may be the cause of some health problems we are seeing in Great Danes as well as many other breeds of dogs. .

We don't vaccinate our dogs but have chosen Homeopathic Nosodes as an alternative prevention against Parvo Virus and Distemper. There is some controversy as to the effectiveness of Nosodes. All I can say is that it has worked for us.

A good diet is extremely important for maintaining good health in your pet as well. We try to avoid all chemicals and pesticides, taking a natural approach to raising our puppies. My Homeopathic Vet recommends Precise, Nature's Recipe, Petquard, Flint River Ranch Health Food and Wysong foods. We fed Precise Dog for years but now feed a BARF diet (Bones And Raw Food). None of our Great Danes eat any dog food.

When fleas are a problem, there are all natural dips with d'limonene that are very effective against fleas. We use no dips with pesticides.

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