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Photos of Fridge
Fridge's Champion Sons and Daughters and the year they finished their championships.

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1. Ch Von Shrado's Dream - Photos (Dam: Ch Von Shrado's Dixie)
2. Ch Larjo Sandales Dirty Dancer - Photos (Dam: Ch Sandales's Private Dancer)
3. Ch Von Shrado's High Society - Photos (Dam: BIF Ch Concord's Charity Von Shrado)


4. Ch Greenvale's Honey Von Shrado - Photos (Dam: Ch Greenvale's Madam V Stalldane)
5. Ch Danehaven's Witch Makes Magic - Photo (Dam: Hauerdane's Tahnkala V. Haven)
6. Ch Millcreeks Casey - Photo (Dam: Ch Don-Lu's Kiss Me Kate)
7. Ch Greenvales Easy Goer - Photo (Dam: Ch Greenvale's Madam V Stalldane)
8. Ch Krisha Pardanes Frost King (Dam: Ch Krisha's Golden Koi V. Pardane)
9. Ch Nuttree's Storm - Photo (Dam: Nuttrees Cyprus)
10. Ch Cherryhill's Sovran V Mariway (Dam: Mt Dania's Jo Bandy Del Lago)
11. Ch Greenvales Let's Get Busy - Photo (Dam: Ch Greenvale's Madam V Stalldane)
12. Ch Millcreek's Prince Of Shavano (Dam: Ch Aquino's Little Queen Bee
13. BIS BISS Ch Krisha Pardanes Holy Mackarel - Photo (Dam: Ch Krisha's Golden Koi V. Pardane)

14. Ch Jamara Reflection Von Shrado - Photo (Dam: Ch Jamara Lady Liberty)
15. Ch Nightwind's Fire Of Delilah (Dam: Nightwind's Kasi Von Knowles)
16. Ch Krisha Pardanes Sub Zero (Dam: Ch Krisha's Golden Koi V. Pardane
17. Ch Largo Sandales Joey V Chaney (Dam: Ch Sandales's Private Dancer)

18. Ch Amelor's Ferrari Von Shrado - Photos (Dam: Amelor's Encore)
19. Ch Caroldanes Just A Giggilo - Photo (Dam: Caroldanes' Peggy Sue)
20. Ch Mariways Valentino (Dam: Mt Dania's Jo Bandy Del Lago)
21. Ch Amelor's Fly So Free - Photos (Dam: Amelor's Encore)
22. Ch Nightwinds Time Traveler (Dam: Ch. Nightwind's Sheer Elegance)
23. Ch Von Shrado's Dee Dee V Concord (Dam: Ch Concord's Charity Von Shrado)
24. Ch Nightwinds Willow V Manor Hill (Dam: Nightwind's Kasi Von Knowles)
25. Ch Elysian Zephur V Ga Mac (Dam: Elysian Galagher)
26. Ch Cullinane's I'm A Carbon Copy - Photo (Dam: Ch Cullinane's Estasis)

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27. Ch Von Shrado's Too Legit To Quit - Photo (Dam: Grenadilla's S'Kira Von Shrado)
28. Ch Amelor's Firestorm- Photos (Dam: Amelor's Encore)
29. Ch Cullinane's High Roller (Dam: Ch Cullinane's Estasis)
30. Ch Von Shrado's TCOB At Concord (Dam: Ch Concord's Charity Von Shrado)

31. Ch Jamara's Chance Von Shrado - Photo (Dam: Ch Jamara's Lady Liberty)
32. Ch Caroldane's Poke Salad Annie (Dam: Sheenwater Joint Account)
33. Ch Jamara's Impressive Knockout (Dam: Ch Jamara's Lady Liberty)
34. Ch Cullinane's Shea D Dane - Photo (Dam: Ch Cullinane's Estasis)

35. BISS Ch Oneida's In Command - Photo (Dam: Onieda's Jan-Da)
36. Ch Von Shrado's Pearls & Lace - Photo (Dam: Grenadilla's S'Kira Von Shrado)

37. Ch Erinwood's Legend Of Raintree  (Dam: Erinwood's Foxfire V. Raintree )


38. Ch Von Shrado's Good Humor Man - Photos  (Dam: Von Shrado's Genuine Risk)
39. Ch Von Shrado's Cherry G Deluxe - Photos (Dam: Ch Jamara Reflection Von Shrado)       
40. Ch Topenny's Fire and Ice Von Shrado n Thordane   Photos ((Dam: GCH Ch Vztop N Topenny Hot Stuff V Thordane)       



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