The term *vaccinosis* is a term used by homeopaths or holistic veterinarians  to describe * a variety of symptoms* that occur as a result of vaccines. 

I'll try to be brief on this;- a young pup/kitten, with a undeveloped immune system is given a series of *shots* usually a combination of a MLV in a effort to prevent a particular disease.

 What happens after the shot is given?  If an animal has a depressed immune system there will probably be an immediate reaction to this, fever, swollen lymph nodes, blisters breaking out, swelling at the injection site etc. 

If there is no *immediate* reaction to the vaccine, it usually goes *underground or further into the body* and attacks a system in the body, which will show up further along.  Could be a month, 3 months, a year or longer. Every *body* is different and will react in a different way, for some it is HOD, pancreatitis, hypothroidism etc, or in the case of Bruno a chronic case of acne and allergies, in which the immune system was further depressed with the on again/off again use of antibiotics.  

The two most common remedies used for *vaccinosis* are Thuja or Sulpher..but not always; this is why Sandy recommended a *good homeopath* to take the case..which involves looking at the *whole animal* and not just at the symptoms (acne & allergies). Based on the *mental and  physical* symptoms that the caregiver (you) can relate to the homeopath/vet a remedy is given to effect a permanent *cure* to vaccinosis. This is what is known as the *constitutional* remedy, and from there if other minor problems crop up these can be cured with a different remedy.   

Homeopathy is not a *magic bullet* approach; it does take time and patience,but the money is well spent and when you see the results it is truly amazing!   

I hope this helps you to understand a little about the term *vaccinosis*.   

Sandra Brigola  

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