This is how we put the corners together.  The hole is  where we used to put a wooden rail for a pig rail.  We use all pvc piping, 1 1/4 inch.




This is another corner which shows how we put the 2 sides of the whelping box together.



We put a piece of PVC piping in the middle on all 4 sides to keep the rail in place.

We use plywood for the floor and then staple indoor outdoor carpeting to the plywood.  We use heavy duty staples.  This is the gate for the whelping box.


We use sheets on top of the indoor outdoor carpeting


This is a view of the corner with the gate open.

I have a security camera over the whelping box which I can view on my TV at home.  Don't know what I ever did without my cameras.  I have 15 cameras which also record in time lapse.  I love it. 

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