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Due to our concerns about the over-vaccination of dogs in general and Great Danes  in particular, we are offering the following guidelines concerning vaccines. 

In order to guarantee the health of your puppy, we are offering you three ( 3 ) choices concerning vaccinations/nosodes. 

  1. Administering Nosodes for protection against Parvo Virus and Distemper and no vaccines.
  2. Administering Nosodes until 13 weeks and then giving ( 1 ) Distemper Vaccine and ( 1 ) Parvo Vaccine (Killed) separately.  Absolutely no combo vaccine.
  3. Vaccines only.  Distemper and Killed Parvo, given separately. No combo vaccines. See enclosed Vaccine Schedule.

We want your puppy to stay healthy and live a long life and feel the best way to assure health and longevity is to follow one of the above protocols.

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