Some specific feeding questions:

What RMBs do we feed?

Billinghurst recommends that the majority of the RMB meals that you feed should be chicken (wings, necks, backs) because they have the appropriate meat-to-bone ratio and they are generally easy to come by (and inexpensive). Here is a list of other possible RMB meals to feed for variety in addition to chicken wings, necks, and backs: turkey necks; pork necks; pig feet; chicken feet; whole, fresh fish; lamb off-cuts; ox-tail; etc.

What else do I need to feed other than RMBs for a balanced diet?

RMBs should make up 60-80% of the dog's diet. The other 20-40% should be comprised of veggies, offal, meat, eggs, and possibly grain or dairy foods. Billinghurst recently revised the BARF diet to exclude grains altogether because he feels that a dog does needs very little if any grain in the diet and many dogs are highly allergic to grains. Some dogs may also be sensitive to dairy products.

What veggies should feed?

Just about any vegetables you can get are good except for veggies in the nightshade family which can be dangerous for dogs. The majority of veggies you feed should be green, leafy veggies like kale, collard greens, mustard greens, spinach, etc. and other veggies like carrots, zuchinni, brocolli, parsely, etc. can be added to them. Veggies must be fed pulped or pureed for your dog because dogs cannot digest veggies that are whole or cut up. So we use either a food processor or a juicer to grind the veggies into a mush that resembles contents of the stomach of a prey animal. It is very important to serve the veggies this way; if the cell walls in the veggies aren't broken, the dog will not be able to get the nutrients from them.

How do we serve veggies?

Dr. Billinghurst has a 'veggie patty' recipe in the Grow Your Pups with Bones book. You can vary the recipe as much as you like to meet the needs of your dogs.


The veggie patty mix is: HEALTHY PATTIES FOR YOUR DOGS note.....totally.....RAW

We devised these patties when one of our own dogs would not eat vegetables. They are based on raw crushed vegetables - at least half vegetables such as carrots, celery, spinach, broccoli etc

The other half consists of lean mince (ground meat) -beef, chicken, lamb (pork)

To which we add such things as
yogurt - low fat and plain - half a small tub
eggs - raw preferably free range - about 3
flax seed oil - 2 or three dessertspoons
liver - raw - say a quarter of a lamb's fry
garlic - 2 or 3 cloves
kelp powder - up to 4 teaspoons
b vitamins - a teaspoon of Troy Vite B
PLUS OTHER HEALTHY FOOD SCRAPS Eg small amounts of cooked veggies, rice, cottage cheese, etc

Any surplus - not fed on the day - should be formed into patties, frozen and thawed out as required GIVE COD LIVER OIL EVERY DAY VERY HEALTHY


What RMBs should I avoid?

Any RMBs that do not have the right meat to bone ratio should not be fed as one of your primary RMBs, but many are OK to feed every now and then for variety, depending on how your dog's system is able to handle them. This includes weight-bearing bones such as chicken leg quarters and thighs.



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